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Release Notes (Updated for release 1.8.0)

Strumpy has hidden depth which may not be immediately evident. To get the most out of the application the author recommends that you download the appropriate user guide

Release Resources
1.6.0 - 1.8.0 User Guide 1.6.0
1.5.0 User Guide 1.5.0
1.4.0 User Guide 1.4.0
1.3.0 User Guide 1.3.0
1.2.0 User Guide 1.2.0

User Guide 1.1.0


User Guide 1.0.0

Below are additional sample project files that you can download and import into Strumpy.

Exported Project Files  
Give A Little Bit.sey


Sample project Give A Little Bit contains the instantly recognisable opening guitar phrases from the song of the same name as written and composed by Roger Hodgson (, the co-founder of supergroup Supertramp. Roger's music continues to exercise a signifcant influence on the author's musical tastes.

To hear an example of Strumpy in action, take a listen to the following track. The opening guitar phrases were generated from a Strumpy generated midi file patched into a suitable Kurweil keyboard guitar patch.

Dreaming You Are Here.mp3

Strumpy project files can be exchanged with others using the export and import functions that are available within the app. If the application proves popular, and there is an on=going interest in sharing project configuration files, the author is happy to publish them on this site so that others can download them. This will help others to further explore the application's possibilities. If you develop a project which you are particularly proud of and wish to share then just email it to the author at the email address shown in the Strumpy application 'about' box.

Strumpy Server

Strumpy Server is an additional software component that you need to download in order to support Strumpy's new 'Live Play Mode', a feature that allows you to play Strumpy projects and phrases in real time through your home midi setup using any instruments at your disposal, be they hardware or software based. Live play works over your local wireless network. Hands free Strumpy project composing in real time, no longer constrained by the quality and range of the standard midi instruments on your Android device and without having to manually transfer and load your project midi files into your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in order to hear the results. For more information please refer to the user guide. Installation instructions are included in a README file in the download package as well as the user guide.

Happy Strumpying........
Strumpy Server

Community Project Files

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